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Ann Knapp

Ann Knapp has practiced in the energy field for 25+ years in private and clinical practice, studying multiple modalites such as Reiki ( as a Certified Master) and Integrated Energy Therapy.

Prior to the Pandemic, Ann worked extensively as a Care Partner at the Interlakes Oncology and University of Rochester/Highland  Radiation Treatment Centers, treating patients, family members and medical professionals.

The Natural Energy Wellness methodology was developed out of her many years of energy experience and knowledge to provide healing after life-altering physical and emotional events. Ann offers all facets of the program.

Ann has a passion for energy work,passion to empower others to create ultimate health and well-being.


Tuesday 9am - 3pm                                                                                                     

Wednesday 9am - 3pm

Thursday 12pm - 4pm

Friday 9am - 3pm           

Call for additional availability                                                                                                                        



March 2, 2023


March 2, 2023


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