Taking the Fear Out of Choosing Your Skin Care

Published March 29th, 2016 by Solutionsadmin

Wanda Kowalski- Esthetician


Eat paleo, vegetarian, vegan, low fat, low carb-high fat, high fat-low carb, Mediterranean, Jenny Craig.  Use olive oil, canola, corn oil, coconut oil.  Take this pill to melt fat, this one for joint health, this one for heart health.  Do yoga, walk, run, HIT, Pilates.  Use PCA, True Beauty, Mary Kay, Pro-Active, Neutrogena.


Just like our diets, supplements, medications, and exercise, skin care can be an overwhelming choice to make.  We’re inundated daily with the latest fads, buzz words and “expert” advice on what products will add quality to our life, our diet and our skin.  I can’t speak to the choices you make in your diet, exercise or supplements BUT, I can help you make informed choices for your skin care.


At Solutions, we offer three wonderful brands of skin care:  PCA, Cures, and Plantogen.  Each offers its own solution to your skin care needs.  If you walk into our Salon, our wall of products can be overwhelming.  That’s where your esthetician enters the picture.  We’ve studied skin care.  We’ve studied our brands.  There is no one size fits all and we’re here to help you make the best choices for you – to address YOUR needs.  


The best entrance to a successful skin care routine is a facial.  During that time, your esthetician will analyze your skin to determine what products will best fit your needs.  Sun damage?  Dry skin?  Oily skin?  Fine lines and wrinkles?  Acne?  We have products to address every one of these needs.  


If time constraints or budget do not allow you to have a facial at this time, all is not lost!  Stop by and ask to see an esthetician to analyze your skin care needs and recommend products (better yet, call ahead to ask when a good time for a consultation would be).  Tell us your needs and we’ll choose products to address them.  Having your hair done and sitting for a while to process your color?  Ask if an esthetician is available to speak with you regarding your skin concerns.  Not only will you leave with great skin and hair products, but you’ll have completed two tasks at one time.


And to sweeten the deal, we take returns on any products that don’t help to achieve the results you’re looking for.  Skin not responding to the products you’ve purchased?  Bring them back!  Talk to us and we’ll recommend another based on your feedback.  It’s a no-lose situation.


Remember, we are in the beauty business.  We are here to help you find the answers to your skin care.  Just ask.  We’ll be happy to help!  That’s what we do.


5 Reasons to Book a Massage TODAY!

Published January 20th, 2016 by Solutionsadmin

5 Reasons You NEED a Massage by Chelse Shaver-NYS LMT

  1. Downward head posture-How much time do you spend looking down? Most people will now spend a majority of their time looking downwards. Either you are a student, you work on computers, text, drive, or have small children to name a few, life encourages the act of looking down. This can be a major pain in the neck, often neck tension is due to muscles trying to support your head. On average, the human head weighs 8 lbs, when placed in alignment, this typically isn't a problem, but when we look down, we lose the curvature of the spine that absorbs impact. This means now the neck muscles have to kick into high gear, thus tightening the surrounding areas as well.
  2. High Stress Lifestyle- Inflammation is one of the number contributor to many diseases. When your body can not deal with your high stress lifestyle, like eating on the run, not exercising due to lack of time dedication, or just a general neglect of dealing with stress, you build inflammation. When you do this, your body starts to hurt. There have also been some research articles starting to link depression to inflammation as well. One way to reduce stress and thus the harmful effects of repeated stress on the body is to get a massage.
  3. Monitor Skin and other health conditions- What many people can't do is see their own back. You know where I'm staring when I do a massage, your back! Which means I get a good view of any suspect moles or skin conditions. I've had several clients I've referred to doctors to check skin conditions or suspect moles. Luckily, none have been cancerous, however, if you can't see it, you can't be sure. So my advice is besides getting a massage, is to have you doctor check your skin at least once a year, and if possible, take pictures of any moles to note changes.
  4. New Years resolutions- Okay, "I'm going to get fit this year", I admire your enthusiasm. And by all means, exercise. The problem can arise when someone works too hard, too quickly and leaves themselves prone to injury. I can help your muscles keep from being tight, thus leading to less chance of injury. I can also help when injury arises by providing an environment with a professional, who knows how to release and relax the area. Plus, massage can be helpful in Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.
  5. Mood- Now this one really hits near and dear to me, as I personally have depression and anxiety. Both can cause body aches and tension, but more than that, they can make you feel alone. Sometimes, it is simply nice to have someone care for you. As a massage therapist, I believe my number one job is to create a loving, safe environment in which clients can feel variable and know that they are not judged. I've had an array of reactions from the process of being touched, as many people may go days without so much as a hug. We human beings have lots of touch sensitive skin, we need touch. When we are touched it creates a sense of calm and belonging in our self, which can do a lot not only to stabilize our moods but renew our spirits.

So take a little time for you, book a massage. Call (585)-227-1600

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